The Anathemata

Rite and Fore-time (continued)

Upon all fore-times.

From before time

his perpetual light

shines upon them.

Upon all at once

upon each one

whom he invites, bids, us to recall

when we make the recalling of him

daily, at the Stone.

When the offerant

our servosa, so theirs whose life is changed

not taken away2

is directed to say

Memento etiam.

After which it is allowed him then to say

Nobis quoque.

That we too may be permitted some part with these

like John is!

David Jones notes

2 See the preface in the Mass for All Souls’ Day and for all Masses of the departed ‘ ... Tuis enim fidelibus, Domine, vita mutatur non tollitur’. ‘For thy faithful, O Lord, life is changed not taken away.’

additional notes

For more details of the Mass of the departed, including the reference to John, see DJ’s note 1 to the next page and my comments thereon.


semantic structures


a servos: an archaic form of the Latin servus, servant.