The Anathemata

Mabinog’s Liturgy (continued)

And who kneels suppliant as yet ? Yet they style her Marchioness of the Three Lands and Mundi Domina.4 This seems much for a creature?

David Jones notes

4 Cf. the Mass of the Seven Sorrows, Gradual, ‘caeli regina et mundi domina’ and Villlon ‘Empress of the infernal marsh’, and the influence theology predicates to the Mother of God with regard to the fourth land.

additional notes

DJ note 4: the Three Lands are heaven, earth, hell (caelum, mundus, infernus). The fourth land is purgatory; it seems that, under certain circumstances, Mary can redeem a soul directly fron purgatory into heaven – see here for an example. The Latin can be translated as ‘queen of heaven and empress of the world’.


We see Mary not only kneeling at her baby in his cradle (we are at a Mass of the Nativity, remember) but also interceding with her Son for the souls of sinners.

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