The Anathemata

Keel, Ram, Stauros (continued)

The old padrone

the ancient staggerer

the vine-juice skipper.

What little’s left

in the heel of his calix

asperging the free-board

to mingle the dead of the wake.

Pious, eld, bright-eyed


Diocesan of us.

In the deeps of the drink

his precious dregs

laid up to the gods.

Libation darks her sea.a 

He would berth us

to schedule.


David Jones notes

additional notes

a Homer invariably refers to the sea as ‘the wine-dark sea’.


The skipper here takes on aspects of the Redeemer. ‘calix’, a cup, is the usual Latin word for the chalice containing the wine at the Eucharist. Diocesan is not used in the modern sense of bishop, but in its original sense of one who manages, guides, safeguards.

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