The Anathemata

Sherthursdaye and Venus day (continued)

Her Thursday’s child

come far to drink his Thor’s Day cup:5 

At night, within

at his lit board.

Without in the night-grove

far side the torrent-bed

and on Gwener’s morning

on Skull Mountain.

Marquis of demarking waters

Warden of the Four Lands

David Jones notes

5 See the Nursery Rhyme: Monday’s Child, line 4, ‘Thursday’s child has far to go’.

additional notes

The references in the first eight lines are to the Last Supper (Thursday, lit board), the Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane (night-grove) and the brook (torrent-bed) Kedron which flowed through it, and the Crucifixion (Welsh Gwener = Venus, hence Venus-day or Friday), Skull Mountain = Golgotha (Aramaic?) where Jesus was crucified.

The last two lines refer to the domains of earth, hell, purgatory and heaven of which Mary is Mundi Domina and Marchioness (page 209). According to Dante, these domains are separated by rivers.


semantic structures